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Thursday, April 02, 2009

masihh kau ingat?

FATINN!!! aku rindu kau. :(
ko stil ingat x tyme abg sham ngn kak yaya x de,kteorg wat ape kat ofis?
hahaha ;)
aku ingat lg psl kte scan scan tgn kite.
hope abg sham stil not notice kt cctv ape yg kte wat tyme tuhh.HAHA.
but ape ape punn. kte sgt enjoy kan.
nihh hasil usaha kte b'dua m'scan tgn each other.haha.
mcm mcm bntukk nk wat.
tp aku just upload gmbo yg t'lawa jehh.
haha ;)
L.O.V.E ;)
babe,sowie lahh kdg2 aku annoying skit kt ofis tuhh.
aku kn mmg cm nihh.ko punn twu kn.
aku igt lg,satu ari ko x nk layan aku.
aku punn x twu ape sbb aku.
tp seb baek,mlm tuhh after aku blek dri umahh kamal,
aku gi shell balikk,ko dh mula layan aku.
aku igt ko dh x nk lyn aku dhh.
wat cuak je kn.
sowieeeee taw babe.
aku sayang ko sampai bile bile ;)

ape ape punn.kite enjoy kn keje situu same same.
&& jgn lupe,aku ttap akn tolong ko.
aku kn kawan ko.
muahx!! ;)
-cikrosenatasha ;)

sowiee aku curikk kau nye (:


How did you get one of your scars?
i felt down the stairs,mase 3 tahun. nothy me (:

How did you celebrate your last birthday?
lunch wit my hubby & friends at secret recipe,cs. fatin made me cupcakes!! weeee.

How are you feeling at this moment?
pretty bored.

How did your night go last night?
upside down.

How did you do in high school?
damn im sucks! HAHA.

How did you get the shirt you're wearing?
from disneyland (:

How often do you see ur best friend?
once or twice a week.

How much money did you spend last month?
last month uhh. damn banyak. uishh.

How old do you want to be when you get married?
my hubby ckp,26 years old. (:

How old will you be at your next birthday?
sweet 18 years old


What your mother's name?
Pn Haslina (:

What did you do last weekend?
lunch at jusco tebrau city with my mum n sister.

What is the most important part of your life?

What would you rather be doing?
have a picnic withh kamal faiz. hehe.

What did you last cry over?
when my sim card ttibe rosakk. huuu.

What always makes you feel better when you’re upset?
encikk Kamal Faiz comes & pampered me.

What’s the most important thing you look for in a significant other?
his kindness.cehh. (:

What are you worried about?
my plan ruined by my mother.mak aku suke bg kputusan drastik last minute.hmm.

What did you have for breakfast?
bihun goreng mak long(jiran kuw) masakk.sedapp.haha.


Have you ever liked someone who had a girlfriend/boyfriend?
yes yes. nakk twu sape...sam bunkface.HAHA ;D

Have you ever had your heartbroken?
once upon a time.dulu dulu :(

Have you ever been out of the country?
yes.holidayyy ;)

Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?
me very very da dumb dumb person.dulu dulu,i like to combine combine my food until one time i muntahh terukk terukk.hahaha.

Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?
i think friends is the best-est friends ever!!

Have you ever had sex on the beach?
nahi nahi.haha.

Have you ever dated someone younger than you?
honestly yes.when im in form 2.HAHA.

Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
yes of course.mary-kate and ashley novel :)


Who was the last person you saw?
my crazy lil sister.haha.

Who was the last person you texted?
Fatin Aminah Azhar :)

Who was the last person you hungout with?
Kamal Faiz kuw! <33

Who was the last person to call you?
adek kuw,izat!

Who did you last hug?
my prince charming kamal faiz <33

Who is the last person who texted you?
Kamal Faiz!! (die x reply lg,die bz.huhu)

Who was the las person you said "i love you" to?
Obviously my boyfie,KAMAL FAIZ!!


Where does your best friend live?
Taman Suria.same as meeeeee.

Where did you last go?

Where did you last hang out?
skate park,danga bay.

Where do you go to school?
SK Seafield 3,SKTS,SSI,TIJB.

Where is your favorite place to be?
hang out at roost cafe sambil online-ing and makan chicken chop wit kamal faiz bin md kamaludin (:

Where did you sleep last night?
my bedroom.why u ask?haha.


Do you like someone right now?
i like love sayang cinta kamal faiz kuw!

Do you think anyone likes you?
my kamal faiz likes me.haha.

Do you ever wish you were someone else? like myself.

Do you know the muffin man?
who's muffin man?

Does the future scare you?
i guess 'yes'.


Why are you best friends with your best friend(s)?
because she is my wrestling partner (:

Why did you get a myspace?

to contact kredits.haha.

Why did your parents give you the name you have?
because Ros prefer to Rosli. and my mum get the "Natasha" from a Russian gymnast.HAHA.

Why are you doing this survey?
bcoz im feeling bored.ngee ;D


If you could have one super power what would it be?

power that can make people understand each other feelings.haha.nonsense.

If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
i would like to redo my spm. huhu.

If u were stranded on a deserted island & could bring 1 thing what would you bring?can i bring my kamal faiz along. pleaseee. hehehe.


Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you?
i'll say a big "NO!!!!".

Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love?
i rela wat ape ape for my love one.


Are you happy with your life right now?
yes! im happy alright (:

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

skate park (:

but ape ape punn,aku masihh ingat 30marchh2009.
ari enjoy aku bersama yg tersayang.
thanks for the great day hubby!!

after lunch at marrybrown,danga festive street mall,we head up to skate park,danga bay. there was just 2 of us. & some workers there. weee. (:

im the one who snap all the beautiful pictures. ahh. prasan sudahh. haha. but i likee this one the most. die nk kiss i tuhh. sukeee (:

dahh penat maen skate. kamal play around sitting on his skateboard. && we play at the playground. bestt. sbb x de owg tyme tuhh. just 2 of us. hehe.

&& the end of the day,while waiting for kamal's ibu to take us home, kami duduk ats tmpat maen skate & snap many many pictures. sowie klw gmbo cume sdikit. yg laen hanye tatapan kami berdua. HAHA ;D
oke,toddles (:

baru aku twu kan (:

(sumber: Nurul Farhana;internet bergerak) XD
rupe rupe nye,si Obri nihh senior aku mase aku form 3 kat SSI dulu.
die tyme tuhh form upper 6.
aku bukann ape punn.
cume x de modal nk cite.
so cite lahh psl obri.
hahaha ;D
die tersingkir same same ngn rini.
bgoshh sgt lahh tuhh kn. ;p
fana ckp,tyme die kt skolahh dulu,die among abg senior yg terhensem lahh kot.
die agkk popular satu ktika dahulu,& nmpk nye masihh popular.
popular kew?haha ;D
u be the judge (:

Monday, March 30, 2009

new cupcakes designs of OURs (:

THE NEW DESIGNS without any words.
just pick your own design choices & order with us. u can mix and match your own choices. or even,you can give us new ideas of designs or patterns (:

this package is based on our mini sizes package.
mini size;36pcs per box.
RM40 ;)
its absolutely the cheapest cupcakes in JB.

for more design;check our myspace.

and do contact us.THANKS ;)

tagg by her (:

tagg dari ohhnamiexoxo si cutie (:
walaupun x brape kenal.thanks 4 da tag.

Bio Data

1)Which school did you go to?
-Kindergarten Joy,Petaling Jaya.
-SK Seafield 3,Subang Jaya.
-SK Taman Suria,Johor Bahru.
-SMK Sultan Ismail,Johor Bahru.
-SM Teknik Johor Bahru.

2)What classes were you in?
SK: 1tak ingat,2tak ingat,3Gigih,4Kejora,5Musytari,6Musytari
SMK: 1Cemerlang,2Arif,3Cerdas,4Awam2,5Awam2.

3)What was/were your favourite lesson(s)?
&& engineering drawing (:

4)If you could remember, what time was your recess?
japppp.10:10am x silapp.hahaha.

5)List down your favourite food/snacks.
donut donut donut. hahaha.

1)Did you have a nickname way back in high school?
-Tebuan(thanks to sherpz,fana & datern).HAHA.

2)How did you wear your socks?
like everybody else.duhhh.

3)Have you been suspended due to the way you put on your uniform?
yes i guess.disebabkan ituhh "kain dalam" thing!

4)Were you given plenty of reminders about your appearance?
-my name tag.
-my attitude (:

5)Who did you look up to when you were in high school?
Kamal Faiz!!

1)Name one memorable scene where you were punished in front of the whole class.
buku englishh aku pernahh diterbang kan ke luar kelas olehh cikgu english ku ktika darjah 5. terima kasihh.

2)How many times did you skip class? What were you doing?
tak terkira. palingg jahat time form 2 & 3. lepakk kat kantin. makan. lepakk kat toilet. borak borak. HAHA.

3)Give one scene where you escaped from being caught/punished.
belakang makmal kayu SSI. kan korang kan. (:

4)Did you vandalize any school property? desk of course.cian meja.haha.

5)Did you ever make any teacher cry? an angel (:

6)Who were your favourite teachers?
Cikgu Rosmawati [SKTS]

7)Describe your DM.
everybody;wat is DM?

8)Who was the funniest/weirdest/loudest teacher?
funniest: cikgu ROSLEE [ssi]
weirdest: cikgu MELAN kott [tijb]
loudest: cikgu SALWA [tijb]

Social Circle
1)Were you popular back then?
ntahhh. popular among the teachers. (:

2)Were you in a big group of boys/girls or small ones?
a group of boys n girls (:

3)Who were your best friends?
-Kamal Faiz <33
-Fatin Aminahh
&& so muchh bestfriends lahh yunk.

4)Did you and your friends have nicknames
erm.kat ssi dulu.Mayat,Tebuan,Google & Topi (:

5)What were you favourite memories of you and your friends?
-eating at Hutan Bandar bersama sama.
-watching movie beramai ramai.
-study at library (:
-&& mcm mcm ada.

Co-curricular Activities
1)What type of CCA were you in?
-the kawad kawad one.HAHA.
-&& bowling (:

2)What did you have to bring to your CCA?
-myself & i of course.

3)What did your CCA required you to do?
-kehadiran penuhh utk CCA ituhh.

4)Got injured?

Closing Ceremony
1)How did high school changed you?
a lot.i have new friends && n found my true love <33>
2)Sing one verse of your school song.
kelahiranku untuk menunai janji
cogan kata sekolah ku
berbakti setia
tuhan dan negara
semoga hidup berjasa
rajin lah membaca buku
hidup mesti berilmu
mendidik setiap insan
menuju ke wawasan..........

3)What was your favourite question?
"cikgu,hari ni tak payah belajar boleh?" HAHA.

4)Who/what will you remember from your high school?
Cikgu cikgu disiplin kuw (:

5)Any memories you will not forget.
-aku jatuhh dalam longkang kat dpn tangga ayam SSI tyme kejar bola getahh.HAHA.

ur tagged :
-kamal faiz (when he has a blog).
-datern (:
-slarky kim zain
enjoy ur day as i enjoyed mine ;D


what am i doing today?lets see (:

aku exercise kan diri aku di dalam air srate 10:30am until 12pm di kolam renang larkin bersama adekk aku.dari aku mengemukkan diri di rumahh.baek aku exercise kan.tuhh satu.
aku bersama ibu ku ke jusco tebrau city.dan menikmati hidangan twister di KFC.yum yum.menyesal punn ade jugakk kan.yelahh,dhh konon nye td exercise kan.then makan.ahh pduli.haha ;)
aku ke kedai buku Harris utk mncarikk novel "The Freedom Writer".sape jumpe buku nihh tolong bukakk mulut besar besar.aku sriusly nga crikk buku tuhh,coz my hubby is looking dat novel.setelahh pusing punye pusing.xjumpe jugakk.aku bersedih sebentar.huhu.
akhirnya,utk menceriakan hati aku balik.aku beli magazine yg worth tebal nk mmpus.sukeee.hahaha ;D titled "female".coz aku wanita.aku punye suke nk bace ape kn.mak aku punn x herann.aku punn heran gak mula mula asal aku beli magazine x pe lahh.dahh beli kan.bace ajee.haha.
hahaha.lepas aku dahh balikk dan aku kepenatan.aku tidur.....

THE END;terima kasihh kerana membace.hahaha.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

love <33

seriously guys;
i really really have a crush on this left guy on this pic.
n obviously i love this right guy.
haha ;)
knape amek gmbo same same.
kan i dhh x bulehh tito mlm dh nihh taw.
ohh sam. ohh kamal faiz.
ohh love <33
-sunburst moments in memory [210309]

Friday, March 27, 2009

demam (:

aku agk x sihat ari nihh.
ape yg aku rase ari nihh;

1)suara aku dahh makin ilang.
2)kepala aku pusing pusing.
3)aku sperti berjalan ats awan.
4)sindrom muntahh muntahh.
5)sindrom batuk batuk.
6)sindrom selsema.
7)dahi aku mula rase panas.
8)badan aku mula rase lemah.

ohh mother,i need my bubble bathh lahh. && some ice cream plzz.
&& i need kamal faiz too <33
huhu :(

260309 ;)

260309 bersamaan ari kamis ;)

8pagi - aku dahh mandi siap siap wangi wangi n pakai baju tropicana life wane putihh n cardigan wane pink cair n jeans applemint kuw.

9:30pagi - aku trus ke umahh fana utk saing die gi angsana.

10pagi - meet my prince charming kt bus stop dkt ngn angsana.

10:30pagi - grak city square.

11:00pagi - sampai di city square trus menuju ke cinema cathay.

11:10pagi - kami beli 2 ticket cite TALENTIME ;)

11:15pagi - breakfast di mc donald cs.

11:40pagi - masuk movie;BEST!! ;D

1:40ptg - movie finishh. it was fun actualy. xcaye,tgk sndiri lahh.haha ;)

1:45ptg - jalan2 kat cs;window shopping ;)

2:30ptg - aku bli 2 novel mary-kate &ashley olsen utk mnambahh collection aku && novel TWILIGHT di mph.

3:00ptg - makan ice cream goreng sambil maen psp kt innercity.haha.

3:30ptg - kami crik speaker for our laptop,tp x jumpe yg b'kenan.

4:00ptg - planning nk crik hadiah fana.crik punye crik.kteorg lack of ideas lahh kn. ;(

4:40ptg - bli donut JCO.sedapp lahh seyh kn.haha. mcm x penahh mkn donut lakk.jakunn sebentar.hahaha.

5:00ptg - tahan teksi utk ke destinasi seterus nye;shell jln tampoi & angsana.

5:15ptg - sampai shell;jumpe fatin;pulang kan pendrive && trus kn journey.

5:30ptg - sampai di angsana.kena RM20 on nk menjerit lak aku kejapp kt dlm teksi tuhh.hahaha ;D

5:45ptg - lepakk lepakk jumpe fana.jalan jalan japp.

6:10ptg - haus bli air ;)

6:15ptg - lpak lpak dpn mynews bace magazine yg d'beli di badan book store.haha.

6:30ptg - pulang ke rumahh dgn selamat nye.

*ari yg sangat best,coz dpt jumpe my kamal faiz. dpt hang out ngn die. dpt kiss dri die.of course. hehehe ;D

THE END;tamat.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

video @ sunburst KL '09


nihh dua band jerw yg smpat aku record coz dhh enjoy sgt; best giler lahh seyh ;)

sowie klaw sound system agkk down sikit & gmbor agkk buruk. sowie okehh, biase lahh hnfon murahh kn. lg punn konsert kn sure bunyi punn agkk x jelass gituu.

ape2 punn hope korg enjoy cm aku,kamal n fatin enjoy giler3 tyme kt sunburst ari tuhh ;D

BUNK ANTHEM by bunkface

REVOLUSI by bunkface

SITUASI by bunkface



amacam okehh?cukup x?atau nak lagii?hahaha ;D

nihh jerw yg aku record, lpas nihh aku update with gmbar - gmbar kt sunburst uhh.

the part best is,aku n kamal kne tggu satu jam kat luar pikir kan mcm mane nk seludup msuk camera.aku n kamal siap berjalan sampai pusat sains negara 2 3 kali,pehh pikir betapa penat nye kiteorg ulang alik crik locker. last;kiteorg bukak CANON DSLR 1000D milik kamal,& split to two,n satu gulung gune baju fatin n lens aku gulung gune suar.kteorg tawakal jerw byk2 supaya security tuhh x notice camera tuhh.

at last;kteorg lpas 1jam kemudian. ksian lahh kat kteorg kn. ;p

&& we having soo muchh fun kn sayang kn ;)

abstrax jingga @ sunburst KL '09


dwg nihh peng'design baju BUNKFACE!!
dwg awesome;x sombong;bestt!
aku,kamal n fatin bli bju sumer kt sini.
sehelai rm30 ;)

aku of course bli bunkface's tee same cm fatin,
kene marahh ngn fatin coz aku bli same ngn die.
ahh,aku x pduli;aku suke baju tuhh.
nak jugakk,xkire.haha ;D

aku bli button seketul rm3.
then dpt 3 sticker free.ambikk jerw lahh kn.
dhh free ;D
its's da best day ever dlm marchh nihh.
lg punn its my 1year 1month anniversary wit enck FAIROSEZ <33
[210309]-in memory ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

tag-ing ;]

Adakah anda suka blogging?kenapa?

suke suke sbb saje saje ;)

Blog siapa yang anda selalu skodeng?Nyatakan 5.
-syaniza sufian
-datern knoexy

Upload 5 gambar followers yang anda suka.Dan describe it.Tidak semestinya orang yang anda nyatakan di atas:

kamal faiz kuw <33
die ttap follower saye yg pertama.
gmbar nihh d'sukai krn muke die tuhh cm mgoda gituu kn.
cube tgk dgn teliti. haha ;D

nihh datern athira halim.
rakan datern aku ktika d'ssi dulu ;)
susa aku nk dpt kn gmbo die sbnr nye.
gmbo tyme muda2 dulu ade lahh tp x macho man.
hahaha ;D

nihh alipp;mmbe aku lahh kn ;)
a.k.a Jefri Zain.
die nampakk jambuu ajee kot,sentiasa.
haha;snyum ;)

nihh encik amma;my junior ;)
die suke pose sane,pose sini.
tp saye x kesahh.die ttap nmpk hawt.
hehe ;p

this is miss SYANIZA ;)

die suke wat muke ahh.geramm tgkk coz chumell sgt.

die ttap best;ngee ;D

Adakah anda menginginkan seseorang dalam hidup anda?Yang boleh menemani dan menyayangi anda sepenuh hati?Dan siapakah orang itu?
ohh LOVE makes me happy ;D
of course mr fairosez kuw.
kamal faiz <33

Taken or single?Mana lebih bagus?
for TAKEN lg bagoshh dehh.
its makes my world upside down.

Pernah tak cinta anda tak dibalas?
suatu ketika dahulu.fullstop.
slps ituhh,
saye jumpe CHENTA yg lg indahh && menarikk ;)

Ciri-ciri idaman gf/bf anda.Nyatakan 5 :
*ciri-ciri pada KAMAL FAIZ saye ;D
*sopan cm edward cullen;ohh pengsannn ;)

Pada umur berapakah anda akan merancang untuk berkahwin?
fairosez merancang;
insyallah ;)

Nak berapa anak?
four maybe ;)
sekadar yg terlarat.
orang bertuah yang anda ingin tag?
-amma ;)
-puan datern knoexy
-kamal faiz <33
(bile die dhh ade blog nty)haha ;D

Sunday, March 22, 2009


aku mau cite psl aku wat perw on 20march2009; "FRASER's HILL"
yg psl sunburst nty2 dulu yupp skalian ;)

sampai satu check point nihh,ade trafic light lahh pulakk kn,coz jln tuhh one way,
so,kete dri bawahh kene tggu satu jam,tyme kete dri ats lalu,n sbalikk nye.
harap bersabar ;)

sampai2 ats jerw,atukk n bro aku gi solat jumaat.
aku n adekk aku gi jejalan kt taman.sejukk babe.nyaman gituu ;D
kt fraser's hill nihh x de lahh ape sgt nk d'bnding kn dgn cameron highlang or genting.
kt sini slalu nye owg saje nk jln2,ilang kn dri tekanan kt bandar.
n slalu nye owg gi sini nk honeymoon ;p
Fraser's hill terkenal sbb keunikan nye yg ade mcm2 bunga.
n permandangan nye cantek bgt dehh.hehe ;)

&& my camera keeps click-ing ;)

n da best part is; aku dpt maen kt taman permainan.dh lame x maen2 cm budakk2.hahaha ;D

-will updated soon later.adios ;)

Friday, March 20, 2009

sunburst KL ;]


Yay!! excited for tomorrow. insyallah plan b'jalan dgn lancar esk. moga2 mr fairosez dpt gi esk wit me n fatin. ;)

ayah,benar kn die pergi,die behave,die kn budakk baek. haha.

doa kn KAMI!! ;D

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tulang belakang ;)

Nihh lahh backbones2 saye smase di shell ;D

thank u BOSS,KAK YAYA && miss FATIN ;D

abg sham; thanks sbb blanje mkn kt warung wak, kt TC n sumer2 lahh.sowie sbb opis tuhh slalu sgt kecahh.tuhh keje kteorg lahh tuhh.haha.

kak yaya; thanks n sowie coz rose mkn strawberry bykk sgt kt umahh kak yaya ari tuhh.n nk rase jugakk kak yaya msak. ;p

fatin; babe,aku sayang kau selamanye ;D


my last day at shell.

[170309] - nihh lahh tarikh last aku keje kt shell jln tampoi tmn mulia ;)

kt sini best coz x bykk keje kene wat coz shell kecikk ajee.keje aku jdik cashier,merchandiser n kdg2 kene jdikk store keeper.hahaha ;D

abg sham;
nihh boss aku.abg ipar fatin ameena ;]
die lahh yg bg aku gaji.
walaupun x least aku dpt duit.hahaha.

kak yaya;
nihh bini boss.kakak fatin ameena ;]
die bykk ajar aku mcm2.
kdg2 die sngal.die suke nyanyi2.
die ttap best ;D

nihh mmbe baek aku.cik fatin ameena ;]
ktawe same2,nanges same2,kutuk owg punn same2.
hahaha ;D
sowie beb aku bnti keje.huhu.
tp aku ttap sayanggg ko taw.
snyummm ;)

aku selit kn jugakk lahh name bangla2 nihh.
dwg lahh yg tlg aku jdikk cashier.
tnjuk aku care susun brg sumer.
tnjuk aku cm ne dipping minyakk.
n cam ne wat check list minyakk.
hahaha ;D

pengalaman yg best tyme bekerja.
first job aku lpas aku abes spm.
thanks sumer ;D
moga2 jumpe d'laen ari.
jgn lupe aku k.
peace ;]

Monday, March 16, 2009


tag kali ke-2 dri lil bro amma.ngee ;D
saye jawabb okehhh.
1.Anda rasa anda hot?
hot ke saye?answer urself.thank u. ;)
2.Upload gambar kegemaran anda.

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
first pic - sbb tyme nihh klaka gler.kasut terbenam.location;umahh anas ;)
scond pic - coz dptt kiss dri si dia.location;umahh anas jugakk.
muahhx!! ;D
4. Bila kali terakhir makan pizza?
bile ehh?erm.bulann januari kot x silapp.
5. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?
Make It Mine - Jason Mraz.
6. Apa yang sedang anda buat selain daripada selesaikan tag ini?
sms-ing ;)
7. Selain dari nama sendiri, anda suka dipanggil dengan panggilan aper?
tembam.haha ;p
8. Tag lagi 6 orang dengan hati terbuka tanpa rasa kekesalan.Sila lakukan kalau tak nak kena denda mandatori.
-datern knoexy ;)
-anyone lahh.
-dunno ;)
9. Saper no. 1- kepada anda?
datern partner! haha ;D
10. Orang no 3 - ada hubungan dengan sesiapa?
ade ade.die bersama seseorang ;)
11. Kata sesuatu berkenaan dengan orang no. 5 ?
x brape tahuu. ;p
12. Bagaimana pulak dengan orang nombor 4 ?
die kawan kpd kawan saye.haha.

13. Siapakah orang no. 2 ?
Syaniza si chumell. ;)

14. Bagi pesanan anda pada orang no. 6 ?
have a nice life ;D

Thursday, March 12, 2009

aku tabahh.

[tanggal 12march]
pagi pagi lg aku dhh bgnn. 5.30 kott. tuhh punn sbb mimpi aneh aneh ajee kn.
pagi pagi lg aku dhh mndy awl awl, coz si dia jmput kuw d'umahh pkul 8.30.
pagi pagi lg aku dhh rembat bju adek aku,rase nye die blum twu tuhh bju die.
pagi pagi lg aku dhh dress up wane pink. chumell dowhh. haha.
pagi pagi lg aku dhh jmpe si dia n ibu nye. sukeee ;D
pagi pagi lg aku dhh smpai skola b'sama yg t'chenta (kami owg plg awl smpai kott).

the story started;
9am- aku bengang smpai awal2, tp x kesahh krn kuw b'sama si dia.
- aku bengang sbb cikgu mada asekk tgk2.
10am- dpt jmpe mmbe2. x rase tkut sgt lahh. but gmentar ttap ade.
- masihh mnunggu rsult, lambat gilerrr. tp ttap sabo. ;p
11am- dhh masukk dwan. mcm x nk jmpe ckgu klas punn ade lahh seyh.

lpas dpt rsult. aku agk sedihh. tp stil tabahh. coz aku tgk hubby aku lg sedihh. so, aku kene tabahh. x kan dua2 sedihh, kang sape nk pjuk. so, aku ngalahh. aku kawal emosi aku. aku twu, rsult aku x mnjangkau target. but i know, he need me more than me need him dat tyme. aku tabah. tp skrg kami b'cadang utk tabah bersama. kami twu the world never end yet. so, we cannot give up kan sayang. muahx!! sayangg awak selama nya. terima kasihh sbb always support kte, KAMAL FAIZ. ;)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

first tag ;]

Thanks to encikk amma for tagging me.haha ;D
first tag nihh.jakunn jakunn. :p

1.Besides your lips,where is your favourite spot to get kissed? by whom?
ohh.hawt hawt.haha.of course lahh kt enck KAMAL FAIZ. ;)

2.How do you feel when you woke up this morning?
mcmm nk tito balikk.haha.

3.Who was the last person you take a photo with?
cik FATIN ;)

4.Would you consider yourself to be spoiled?
lets see.hmm.x kott ;p

5.Would you donate blood?
maybe when i feel like i wanna donate some.haha.

6.Have you ever had a best friend who is of the oppossite sex?
ade ade.he's my lover & my best friend.forever ;)

7.Do you want someone dead?
x kott.aku baekk.*innocent.

8.What does your last text message said?
a'a.d bz skit lahh nihh cyg.sowiee taw.kalau nk msg2 bulehh.nty kte calling2 lg k.hehe.
-pujaan hati kuw ;)

9.What are thinking of right now?

10.Do you wish someone was with you now?
yesssss!!my shayang busyuk2 wangi2.hehehe ;D

11.What time did you go to sleep last night?

Where did you buy the tshirt you are wearing now?
tijb civil club 2008.

13.Is someone on your mind right now?
my prince charming yg kini brade di kem karisma.huhu.

14.Who was the last person who text you?
Kamal Faiz bin Md Kamaludin ;)

15.Peoples tagged to do this quiz:
1. datern ;)
2. syann.
3. nanott.
4. sape2 lahh.haha.

16.Who is you are having relationship with?
kamal faiz ;D

17.Is no.3 is male or female?

18.If no.2 and no.3 get together,will it be a good thing?
dieorg ituhh best friend dong ;]

19.What is no.1 studying about?
technical studies.

20.Is no.3 single?
die sudahh b'punya.jgn kacau die ;]

21.Say something about no.2
syan yupp.die sorg yg baek.sayanggg die.hehehe.

22.What do you think of no.1 and no.3 get together?
bulehh geng kot.haha.

23.Describe no.3
nanott sowg yg chantek bgt.suke sgt tgk style die.die friendly ;]

24.What will you do if no.1 and 3 fight? not really sure.

25.Do you like no.1?
sukeee die.die gilerr.haha ;D

Sunday, March 08, 2009


i passed it! heyya heyyo. weee ;D
syukur alhamdulillah. happy bgt tau. first test,gue failed tyme on da road kn. so,now dahh lulus rase gembira. dahh bulehh bawak kete. *jakun.
hope tyme ambik result, dpt lahh gue bwk kete. tuhh punn klau my mum tuhh bg kn. aduhh aduhh. ;[

but,indeed,i still wory about my result coming out. takut takut. seram seram. mcm x nak gi ambikk je seyh. huu. i wishh all yg nga b'debar nk ambikk rsult tuhh,all da best k.
wishh me luck too. hehe ;D

see u in the future. insyallah.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

tekanan tension ;[

i feel like screaming!! tension yg amat dong. argh!!
esokk test JPJ,n td de class lahh kn.
then.,dat pakcik potpetpotpet about my drving,lg!
i dhh bwk ckup bgoshh lahh td kott. haha ;D *prasan.
actualy td class,i not realy focus on da road. my perut sudahh lapo kot tyme tuhh. n it was a sunny hot hot day. so i was daydreaming on da road. brangan gi ambikk my bf kt stadium larkin nex week,*pdahal lesen x pass2 lg. aduhh. aduhh. ;[

kte tgk je lahh esk cm ne. hopefully lulus withh flying colours gituuu ;)
i need ice cream lahh. tension2 n panas2 gini sdapp mkn ice cream. ice cream make my day back to normal. haha ;D

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

my CACHOS day ;)

Happy jugakk lahh ari nihh. td my kdai akhir nye dhh ade stockk for chachos. favourite gue ituhh. yg cheese,yg cheese. haha. actualy,t'igat my daddy. he likes dat thing very muchh. like father like daughter. tuhh yg t'igat die. haha ;D

*but still sad sad. my ibu mertua didn't contact me for 2days i guess. slalu nye die call. tp x perw lahh. think positive. ibu busy kott. tomorow i'll call u k ibu. miss u. miss u. miss ur ANAK more. haha. ;D

Monday, March 02, 2009



RM62 [including postage]

*Gold Brown
*2 zipped & handphone pockets [inside].
*Length;16cm. Height;10cm. Width;5cm.
*High Quality Soft Leather ;)
if u wishh to buy or hav any question,
just contact me at;

quetion-ing ;]

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be ?
-ohh! aku benci kau selama-lame nye.

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be ?
-nak kahwinn ngn si dia. dhh gatal sgt ea?haha.

3. Whose butt would you like to kick ?
-my lil sis.haha.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars ?
-bukak kedai ice cream.dpt wat duit lg.haha ;p

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend ?
-my lover is my best best friend is my lover.ohh kamal faiz kuw. ;D

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone ?
-being loved by someone ;)

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love ?
-x payahh tggu dhh.dhh dpt dhh punn.haha.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do ?
-putus asa ajee lahh.

9. If you like to act with someone, who will it be? your gf/bf or an actress/actor ?
-act-rest-ress-tor.haha ;)

10. What takes you down the fastest ?
-when,my bf said i've done something wrong. ;(

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time ?
-dahh ade anak 2 kott.haha.

12. What’s your fear?
-spm result coming soon...

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is ?
-sape je tagged aku.aku tagged diri sendiri.haha ;)

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor ?
-married but poor-richh ;p

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up ?
-tgok hnfon.,ade msg or miskol from him x? ;)

16. Would you give all in a relationship ?
-maybe kott.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick ?
-the one dat love me the most ;)

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done ?
-lepass 10taun kot baru aku lupe.

19.Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
-bercinta ;D

Sunday, March 01, 2009

CUPCAKES alerts!!

new cupcakes on the block.
u should try it!!

FATIN's cupcakes.
location; Pangsapuri Larkin Indah, Larkin.
*freshly homemade cupcakes*

standard size;(min=25pcs);RM55

mini size;(min=36pcs);RM40




*strawberry(add RM5/package)

*butter chocolate sprinkle(add RM5/package)

*butter raisin(NEW;add RM5/package)


*ur choice of colour.

*as u wishh.

more pictures & information;

sabun susu kambing ;]

satu ari yg cerahh.cewahh.dtg sorg pakcikk yg aku knali.

"rose,van tuhh td isi penuhh.bape?"

"rm56."sambil tersenyum. ;]

then,pakcikk tuhh lepakk2 smbil bace surat kabar dlm kdai spt biase.haha.aku punn belek2 mgzine CLEO yg aku beli smlm.then,aku t'stop d'page46.

"pehh.sabun je dhh rm39."sambil aku ketawa.

"sabun bagus mmg lahh mahal.pakcik ade gune sabun susu kambing.bagus,australia
nye product.rm25 je.sabun utk muka.nty licin kulit."pakcik tuhh menyampuk ajee.

"ohh!"aku ngn slambe nye...

soooo,di sini aku survey2 lahh psl sabun susu kambing nihh.bulehh than lahh product susu kambing pelik nye,ade jugakk owg gune.hebat.nihh yg nk try nihh.haha. aku bukann promote k. aku cume bg pndapat about new product n tips. korg nk ikut. ikut ajee. xmau,xkesahhh ohh.haha. ;]

sabunn nihh harga die rm10.90. lg murahh dri pakcik tuhh ckp. haha.
kebaikan nye? it has smooth texture,so that sensitive skin punn bulehh gune. smpai baby punn bulehh gune. dpt mghilang kn jerawat n jeragat. x de bahan kimia, sumer nye made from goat milk n honey bee. hoho. ape2, korg cube tgk kt slamat mencuba. ;)

miss adorable ;]

hoo. now im working at shell jln tampoi. with miss adorable FATIN. tuhh shell abg ipar die. so,mase mule2 dtg interview trase b'tuah gituu. haha. tp mkin stiap ari keje, bosann punn ade lahh. huu. but x pe lahh. keje ngn mmbe baek, so, x rase bosan sgt. mcm2 things we do cm same2 gituu. syiok keje ngn mmbe sbnr nye. hehe. enjoyy. tp cm tension coz ade bangla2 yg myibukk nihh. ahh. x suke. haha. ;]