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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Pink Princess.

assalamualaikum ! :)

just a quick update for today, sebab rose wanna go out & have a rocking day with encik cintahati. hehe. siapa tak kenal nicki minaj ? okayy, dia sangat hot & sexy. tp ni version budak kecik yang sangat comel, yangg wild active betol. she is sophia grace. this is a must watch video. ini budak sangat comel okehh ! tak tipu punyeee. she has been in the ellen show twice or more i think. so, enjoy, peeps ~

part 1 : Sophia Grace with her cousin, Rosie.

part 2 : Sophia Grace & Rosie, feat. Nicki Minaj.

woohooo ! serius tak tipuuu, it was enjoyable right ? soo damn adorable ! hehe. okay, will update more soon. toodles ~

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