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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Levi's Jeans Red Tab Girls !

assalamualaikum & hello :) dah lama tak update blogggg. wuaaaa. okay, fyi semua, rose dah start kerja part time utk cuti semester 4 bulan yang amat bosan ni. sangat penat, & sampai tak dapat update blog tersayang ni. huhu. but, entry ni, nak let go one item. brand new, & mmg ade satu ni jeeeee. al-kisah kenapa nak let go ? my dad went to UK, & bought some stuffs, then he gave me this thingy which is this Levi's Jeans tak tahu jenis number apa, 501 or 243 what sort of number2 tuhh tak tahu. sorry. then, this jean cannot fit meee. i know, im big. so, paham paham je la. hehe ;)

details for this Levi's Jeans Red Tab Girls :
size - 29
long - 34
colour - blue
cutting - standard cutting
price - RM 100 (not including postage)

*the colour may be slightly different due to the camera's flash. can nego price. contact me by comment on this entry. or my facebook.

original Levis Jeans. made in Poland :)
*still with tag.

front view

back view

the back pocket

it's button :)

the front pocket

any question just ask :) PM me for number if u a serious buyer ! this is a serious business. more info just ask tauuu, tak yah malu malu. haha. okay, will update more ! stay tuned ~


  1. cantik seluar tuh! huhu gigi tgh cari seluar jin yg kaler putih la. mna eh nak cri?
    tgk org pkai cntik je..huhuh

  2. jeans putihh ea? try carikk kt VOIR. rose ade beli jeans kaler cream kt situ. harga x mahal, boleh dpt below rm100 :)