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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

always be.

this entry is for my mister potato ! if u wish not to read this loving stuff i wrote down below, please leave this blog immediately before u throwing out on your laptop's screen. thank u :)

Dear Kamal Faiz,

first of all, happy anniversary yg ke 3 tahun 4 bulan encik kamal faiz :) haaa, tahu, it's no need to say it in public or sort of like showing off. but, dah lama rose tak bercerita. ni je laaa yang boleh buat rose happy, by telling story and share out my feeling through story. kalau untuk awak, awakk happy by telling people your feeling through pictures, but me, blog and my story. abang, i've known u for years, thanks for all the memories, the belanja jajan, the belanja ice cream, for wiping out my tears, for taking me out jalan jalan, for let me be myself by feeling hungry all the time, give me food when im hungry, let me sleep in the car while u driving, give me stuffs, making my room full of ur presents, repair my laptop, buying me film, let me be friend with whoever i want, give me support in everything i did, and the rest of sooooo many things ! thank you very much ! :)

secondly, i want to say sorry for all the mistakes, wrongs that i've done ! sorry for habis kan minyak kereta ibu sebab awak kena bawakkk pegi keluar jalan jalan. sorry sebab rose suka makan, sorry because im a bit chubby, sorry because always tak dengar cakap, sorry sebab banyak sangat cakap sorry. & more sorry ~ hehe.

& seterus nya, rose sayang kan kamal faiz tau. okay love ! be the best among the best. u taught me well. by give out support when im down & when im feeling useless, u were there ! thanks for not giving up on me. i might be stubborn and not a very good listener sometime. but u, are my good listener and teacher :) thank u ! sayang kamuuuu ! hehe.

p/s : gambar semua zaman muda muda lagi, sekarang dah tua. haha. & my heart feels warm when around him. maksud nyeeee, kan hari tu sedih menjunammm, sekarangg dah tenanggg. alhamdulillah :) will update more soon, stay tuned !


  1. awww, what a beautiful love story u have. may ALLAH will always give u a bless on ur relationship and cpt2 kawin eh, jgn lupe jmput i tau :)

  2. izzati : thanks so much dear ! insyallah if ade rezeki n ade jodoh, mane twu kn. kte merancang je. hehe. u too k ! bless u :)

  3. awww. sweetnay korang. lama tuu, 3tahun. kahwin jangan lupa jemput. hehe :)

  4. nabila : insyallah :) koranggg jugakk ! ape kurg nyeee. hehe.