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Monday, June 07, 2010

food and shoot.

oh gosh! almost a month i didn't update my blog. sorry sayang! malas sgt kebelakangan ni. actualy aku ade manage this one blog. will tell one day about that blog. tunggu! so, what's going on me this one month. ape lagi? enjoy oyehh bebeh! best woo. with my sayangs. especially my sweetheart, mister potato. eh no! mister kamal faiz :))

tonight's entry will be about us going to roost cafe and istana garden spending our time this holidayy. yay! i really miss fatin, haven't see her this month. oh darla! miss you much! heart u! ;D

so, let's the pictures be the talking. not in the mood for craps tonight. feels like wanna sleep. sleep. sleep. z.Z o.O . . . .

double fana. double trouble ;)
at Roost Cafe.

slim berries yummy!
glass with ice? =.=

para jemputan yang hadir memeriahkan majlis ;)

pasangan bukan couple.
zarriq && miss atika.

one time baby, by fana.

fana: i tak nak satu je. nak banyakk! HAHA.

my mister potato and mrs tomato.
HAHA ^.^v

istana garden's grass ;)

sweet couple.
oyehh syan! ;))

sesi baring baringan bersama-sama. HAHA.


guess who want to be at front all the time?
she said, "camera always first :)"

naseb baek aku sayang pompuan ni. kalau tidakk. haha. fana omar, mmg selalu yg pertama kalau nmpak kamera. percaya laaa! haha. ok. that's all for tonight. need a lot of rest. wednesday, start my holiday trip. cuti cuti malaysia ;)

all pictures, credit to: kamal faiz

till then. toddles everyone. have a nice sleep ;D

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