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Friday, May 14, 2010

a sad love story.

i stole this at someone tumblr. hye lady, im so sory for stolen yours. it's worth sharing right? im not in a very good mood today. lady's symptom. today's plan? suck! not much to tell. but still, i didn't jump off any building yet. i still heart my lover till now. i love u sayang. i hope this sad story won't happen to me. or anyone of you.

hidup ini memang palat, tapi esuk masih ada :)

anything happen, just remind yourself that, life must go on. rule your own life. forget the past. just keep moving forward. tapi, berharap sgt jangan ada apa2 yang buruk terjadi dalam hidup kita la kan. apa2 pun. kita kena redha. dan teruskan hidup. yeah! chaiyok! semangat! :D

short entry. nothing much to say now. if my mood is back on action, i might have new story to tell. ok. later then. bye :)