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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

skate park (:

but ape ape punn,aku masihh ingat 30marchh2009.
ari enjoy aku bersama yg tersayang.
thanks for the great day hubby!!

after lunch at marrybrown,danga festive street mall,we head up to skate park,danga bay. there was just 2 of us. & some workers there. weee. (:

im the one who snap all the beautiful pictures. ahh. prasan sudahh. haha. but i likee this one the most. die nk kiss i tuhh. sukeee (:

dahh penat maen skate. kamal play around sitting on his skateboard. && we play at the playground. bestt. sbb x de owg tyme tuhh. just 2 of us. hehe.

&& the end of the day,while waiting for kamal's ibu to take us home, kami duduk ats tmpat maen skate & snap many many pictures. sowie klw gmbo cume sdikit. yg laen hanye tatapan kami berdua. HAHA ;D
oke,toddles (:

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